update 10-21-22

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Hey Gang, Super Excited to share samples for our

November 12 project CANCELED NO MEETING

Aren't they adorable - "Candle stick snowmen"


We will have the gourd for the head, the candle stick and the hat. 

we will get back with the price

You can bring whatever embellishments you would like for the project

I will share a supply list of what you need to bring

Please RSVP: Yes if attending, NO if not attending

Three weeks from tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you

snowmen project.jpg

October 8th Meeting Sue Haberer from Dallas Texas Butterfly Class

Wonderful-Amazing 6 hours was not enough but we all learned alot. Sue is a good teacher with all kinds of information especially  in her detail and was available to all for individual help. Thank You Sue hope we have you again.

Sue Haberer Butterfly.jpg
butterfly.png 1.jpg
butterfly.png 4.jpg
butterfly.png 6.jpg
butterfly.png 7.jpg
butterfly.png 8.jpg
butterfly.png 9.jpg
butterfly.png 11.jpg
butterfly.png 13.jpg
butterfly.png 14.jpg
butterfly.png 17.jpg
butterfly.png 16.jpg
butterfly.png 18.jpg
butterfly.png 19.jpg