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zentangle feather.jpg

Great meeting on Saturday March 9.


Thank you everyone who brought their Art to share. Love "Show and Tell"  

If you didn't share, we look forward to seeing your Art! We were all beginners at one time!!!!!! 


We decided to make a Doodling feather for our next meeting April 13!!!

I made my feather 6" long. Hopefully you can resize it to any length you want. I included a "simple" feather pattern as well as one more detail. You choose. You want to make sure the stem is a little wide. That is the first place your feather might break. Also cut your feather out of a shard that is not too thin. Need help cutting out your feathers? Let us know. 


The only thing you need to do before the meeting is cut your feather out and paint the back and  sides black. 


Should be fun to do. (More details to follow) 

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